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Phone: +852 9698 9638

About us

About us



Experienced Designers:

Committed to creating solutions that will enhance your way of life, we bring together experienced designers from Canada and Hong Kong to form a rich, cross-cultural melting pot of inspiration to improve the lives of our customers.


We guarantee the lowest prices in Hong Kong because    

(1) We use online services, saving on business overheads.

(2) We offer direct factory prices.

(3) We use advanced management systems, achieving the highest quality at the lowest cost.



Good Reputation

Being considerate for customers , putting ourselves in customers' place, making every order hassle free, we have accumulated  reputation over years and the word of mouth brings a lot of customers to us.



Faced with a challenging interior that demands special sizes, styles, colors or shapes? Your search is over. We are the answer!

Established in 2012, as the earliest O2O furniture design and customization e-commercial company in Hong Kong, we specialize in one-stop "client-specific" furniture design and customization at affordable prices. Our quotes include measurement, design, factory production, delivery, installation and after-sales services, making it as painless as possible for you to realize your dream of a beautiful home.

Our prices are very competitively affordable because we run online services, saving on business overheads. We use internationally recognized advanced management systems for design and production, which allows us to deliver high quality products at the lowest cost.

We offer 24/7 services including free onsite services, saving you time and travel. 

Please feel free to forward your inquiry to us.

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